Amava helps post-career and post-retirement professionals figure out what's next.

About Amava
We help you Discover Your Next™ flexible, socially-engaging experience. Whether you want to earn, learn, give back or live your bucket list, our team is always on the lookout for meaningful opportunities for you in your local community and beyond.

We want you to live a long, fulfilling life. We focus on social engagement because, according to research, it can be more important to wellness than genes, nutrition or fitness routines. It’s downright scary how dangerous it is to become isolated.

We present you with an ever-evolving collection of curated ideas to keep you active and engaged. We regularly spotlight opportunities to work (paid and volunteer), learn and experience the world - all while you connect with others.

We believe that when you try new things, you’ll engage with new people. We realize that most of us made our closest friends through school and work. Shared experiences are the key to lasting connections.

We offer a free newsletter (the Amava Post), guided webinars, special offers and more. Our experts are available to help you discover the right path, identify a specific experience or pursue a particular opportunity.

We regularly add new opportunities and high-value services as well as nurture our growing Amava community. We take member feedback seriously and respect member privacy.

Our Team

We have built and scaled successful companies, taken on career and family, and navigated most of life’s transitions.

We waded through the research about healthy aging and understand the key to longevity is staying active and socially engaged.

We succeed when you find your Next. If you don’t find what you want or get stuck, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Our Board

Our Advisors


Dianna Dar   Asha Naidu   Natalie Silverman   Maria Hilton  Swapnil Patil   Dipti Kekre   Jaypal Thakur   Arabinda Dash   Nikhil Patil   Makrand Naikare   Nikhil Dhavale   Shivprasad Swami   Jinu Vijay   Oliver Bucka   Romir Desai   Alex Strom   Nash Read   Claire Zyfers   Julia Nicholls   Agustin Marinovic   Kiran Aghor   Harshal Vibhute


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