Amava Members enjoy the real world when we find activities

Activity Concierge

Explore the real world.​ You finally have time--spend less online. Let us surface opportunities for you instead.

All Members can try out the Activity Concierge. (Not an Amava Member? Create an account today.) Contact the Activity Concierge when you’re looking for inspiration, ideas or suggestions about opportunities to explore in your local community or beyond. Once you’re logged in, you may fill out the form that appears below.

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Sports league? Book club? Based on your interests and affiliations, our collective experience and what other like-minded Members prefer, our Activity Concierge can suggest activities for you.

We’ll utilize our broad access to search tools, social apps, online directories, partners or other networks to do our best to present you with what you’re looking for. We’re not a “placement service” but we’ll share everything we learn with you.

We use what we learn from other Members to maximize your value. We continually add resources and technology to improve your experience.


1. How do you find just the right thing for each Member?

We believe in savvy searching, and we do it manually to find activities that you’ll enjoy. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all searches or letting robots do the work for us. Our access to engines, apps, directories, partners and networks makes us strategically situated to get you the best information quickly.

2. Is my information private?

Your information is private and we will never share your personal information with third parties without your explicit consent. Check out our privacy policy because we believe that’s important.

3. What is the range/scope of the services?

We will do our diligence in response to your inquiry so that we can precisely point you in the right direction. Our services do not include registering you or arranging to get you to activities, but if you need help, holler!

4. What if you don’t find anything for me?

You’ll be surprised what we turn up! But if nothing surfaces then we’re willing to try again periodically. Opportunities arise constantly and we’re on top of it.

5. Most social media sites want me to stay around and click. Why do you encourage me to get off the site and go find activities?

You’re not just a pair of eyeballs. We’re focused on your fulfillment—it’s at the center of everything we do. We get no kicks from all those clicks.

6. Remind me why the Activity Concierge is worthwhile?

We make it easy for you and there’s really no risk. You can leverage your time. You to get out there and live well, we’ll find you more ways to do it! Also, once you’re learning about existing opportunities and what other Amava Members are up to, it will help you refine your own goals.

For Members who want to explore broader aspects of retirement with a certified professional, we encourage you to sign up for a Jumpstart Your Retirement​ session today.



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