Live life to the fullest with a certified Amava retirement coach

Jumpstart Your Retirement

Live your life to the fullest. Our certified retirement coaches are trained in non-financial aspects of post-career life and can help you chart a fulfilling path.

Like the first day of school or the start of any new venture, moving beyond full-time employment or parenting can be both exciting and daunting. The possibilities are endless, but the time you spend planning for them doesn’t have to be. The process doesn’t have to be intimidating either.

A personal Jumpstart Your Retirement session with one of our certified retirement coaches could be perfect for you. Whether you’ve already begun checking items off your bucket list or this is all brand new, our coaches can help you set your course.

Common Member concerns include:

Bullet flower How do I maximize the chances of a successful transition?

Bullet flower How do I find new activities?

Bullet flower Should I involve my partner in my plans?

Bullet flower What are the best strategies to stay relevant and connected?

Bullet flower What are some challenges I might face in my first year of retirement?

Amava Members can schedule a session with our certified coaches and receive a curated package of information, tools and insights. (Not an Amava Member? Create an account today.) You'll find a quick inquiry form at the bottom of the page - our staff can answer any questions and work around your schedule.

All of our experts are both independently certified coaches and trained in our research-based Amava methodology. For those who simply want some help finding opportunities in their local communities, Members have access to the online-only Activity Concierge.


1. Can I sign up with someone else?

Yep! If you’d like to, you can use your time with one of our coaches to help you along with your spouse or partner. It’s up to you.

2. What are the credentials on these coaches, exactly?

Our experts come to us with deep professional experience even before they get independently certified as retirement coaches. Additionally, we school them in our very own research-based Amava methodology.

3. How does this actually work?

Initial sessions are usually by phone. But we’ll be rolling out online and in-person interactions with our coaches too. Let’s see what you need!

4. How long is a session?

Typically, they run about 45 minutes. You’ll have the chance to exchange emails with the coach and answer preliminary questions beforehand, so you’ll make the most of this time.

5. Will I need to do anything to prepare?

We’re definitely not about homework, but we’ll give you a checklist of optional ducks to line up in a row before your session.



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