Review Amava longevity research informed by science and academic studies.

Longevity Research

Forget the latest article on how to stop aging that your cousin posted on Facebook. There is real research* out there about things you can do to help you live longer. And you don’t need to fast all day, go in an isolation tank or take tons of supplements.

Research clearly shows that people who engage in meaningful activities and forge strong connections with other people live happier, healthier and longer lives. Below is a sample of the research we think is particularly relevant.

If you’re convinced by the research and you want to assess your current level of engagement, take Amava’s Engagement Assessment

Want to find more to do but not sure what you want to do next?  Check out some Flexible Jobs, Volunteer Gigs, or Unique Experiences for ideas.
* All the research is publicly available online at the links provided, but some sites require you to create an account to get access.

Note: If you are a researcher interested in posting your research, or otherwise working with the Amava, please contact


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