Use over 300,000 exclusive offers and discounts to keep busy

Offers and Discounts

Stay Active, Save Money. Our current program contains 300,000+ exclusive offers and discounts to keep you busy and engaged. Amava Offers, powered by our partner Abenity, is free to Amava Members and provides something for everyone. Amava is a gateway to many opportunities to pursue your interests and get connected with like-minded people. Are you game to save money along the way? We thought so.

You can save money right here on our site or use our dedicated discounts app, Amava Offers for iOS and Android. Customize the perk-alert feature and you’ll be notified about nearby opportunities when you’re on the go. Several offers can be activated from your phone. There are no hidden fees, so stop and smell the discounts.

Here are some discounted activities Amava Members enjoy:

Bullet flower Catch a concert or movie

Bullet flower Go to the zoo

Bullet flower Try a new restaurant

Bullet flower Join a fitness club

Bullet flower Visit a museum

Many special offers save $20 or more! Furthermore, a large number of discounts can be accessed seamlessly from your mobile phone or tablet.


1. What if I don’t live in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles or New York? Will there be anything for me?

Absolutely. Discounts and offers currently pop up in over 10,000 cities and counting. And we’re talking about over 300,000 offers. Definitely not just for big-city slickers.

2. How do I search for discounts?

Both on the web and in the Amava Offers app, you can search discounts and offers by type, geography and various other attributes.

3. What are some of the things I can save big on?

Some of the best offers include tours, attractions, hotels and entertainment offers. The movie ticket savings are big, plus if you buy a ticket and life gets in the way, you can use it for another showing.

4. Who sources these discounts?

Currently, our discount program is powered by Abenity (a partner company). If they weren’t the best we could find for you, we’d look elsewhere. We think you’ll agree that when you compare them to other programs, they have the broadest and best discounts. We are always on the lookout for more programs and offers that will be attractive to our Members. Stay tuned.


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