Take the Amava Engagement Assessment to get your personal Engagement Score.

Are you on track for a long, fulfilling life? Take the Engagement Assessment and discover how the way you spend your time compares to what matters to you. See what leading physicians and researchers recommend based on decades of clinical research.

Our exclusive, research-based Engagement Assessment provides a detailed look at how you actually spend your time. You’ll figure out which activities give you the most fulfillment and evaluate the potential impact of changes with our planning tools. As always, your information is yours and you alone decide if and how to share it.


1. Thanks for the assessment, what’s next?

If you decide you want to add activities, please check out our Activity Concierge and Opportunities. If you want to dig deeper with an expert, our certified retirement coaches will have a conversation about optimizing your time as well.

2. What is the research behind the assessment and scoring system?

We leverage several key studies conducted by major institutions in the US, including Harvard and Stanford. Please see Research, to learn more.

3. How can I interpret my results?

The Engagement Assessment is intended to highlight the intersection between the way you spend your time and the things and people that matter to you. Your mix of “you” versus “we” time and your definitions of meaning and relaxation are unique and dynamic. We encourage you to sign up for our Jumpstart program to get more specific advice around defining and building the optimal life for you, or start a conversation with other Amava Members to share takes on how to enhance your days.

4. Is the Engagement Assessment a bit “new agey"?

Not really. It is based on extensive research that evaluated which activities actually resulted in measurably better or worse health, longevity and contentment. Health and longevity are measurable. Contentment is in the eye of the beholder, but we believe that there is little point in living a long life unless it is enjoyable.

The Engagement Assessment serves as the basis for a plan. It’s a practical way to ensure you get your minimum daily requirements for meaning, social interaction and personal enjoyment.



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